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Vital Statistics
One liner: A playful webshop and blog, based in Berlin and aiming to explore German culture in a humorous way.
Founded: July 2009 (as the mystery experience available at mystery.hipstery.com).
Founder: Adam Fletcher
Legal Status: The Hipstery UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Office Address:  Kiefholz Str 1 (K1), C/O Heimatmedien, 12435 Berlin

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A not very brief and somewhat enlightening chronology of the Hipstery:

2009 - The Hipstery started in Leipzig in 2009. It was originally founded by Adam Fletcher, Peter Anderson, Andreas Milles and Romibello after a sort of drunken bet that got out of control. Back then we were a mystery business, the premise was simple but unusual, you came to the website answered six cryptic questions and then we'd send you the perfect mystery product. Usually a t-shirt. We specialised in t-shirts. Actually, it's still available over at http://mystery.hipstery.com. The shirts we basically just stole, borrowed, begged or bribed from people unfortunate enough to have made our acquaintance. We were to the business world, what the Kakapo is to the animal kingdom. Somewhat of an embarrassment.

Since the other guys had real jobs, I mostly just ran the business alone from my bedroom. Not very professionally, I might add. Here is a photo of me looking the order stack we got from our first round of press. We got a lot of press, but the service was never profitable because I'm mostly an idiot. I also had a big beard then, since I almost never left the house other than to do go the post office and you can even go there with a stupid beard and they still have to serve you, although they do look at you a little funny.
2010 - In 2010 I moved the business to Berlin also known as the Hauptstadt. The service limped on in that format with exactly as little success as before, but in a new and more exciting city. That might well have been a factor, now that I think back on it.

2011 - Against all obvious wisdom we opened a retail store. The plan was to open the world's first all mystery retail store. No products were freely displayed, you answered an offline service in a kind of ye olde fashioned consultation. This idea was bad a little ahead of its time. It closed about a month after it opened and in that time served approximately 7 customers. 6 were friends. One time someone got lost and wandered in looking for directions. I think he was just too polite to not buy something.

This is what the store looked like. Originally it was open from 12-7pm. That lasted about a week. Then it was open 3-7pm. Then just every Mon, Tues and Wed. I think by the end it was open from 4-4:15pm every third Thursday. Running a store is far less fun than you might imagine. You even have to be there when you say you'll be there. Even if that's just 4-4:15pm every third Thursday.
2012 - Andreas and Pete left, probably because they're believers in the expression "you can have too much of a bad thing". Wait, is that the expression? Anyway, Romibello and I soldiered on somewhat limply, diversifying away from the mystery part and just decided to focus on our own products, since our first Denglish design was a surprise hit. Then I wrote this article about How to be German and the sky promptly fell on our heads. It was a frenzy. Suddenly everything worked, we got more and more projects as a bizarre kind of double act, my words, Romi's illustrations. Since then we've worked on more and more products and books that take a look at Germany from an outsiders perspective. 

2013 - On July 15th How to be German/Wie man Deutscher wird will be released by C.H.beck, we're very excited and a little bit scared. In the meantime the Hipstery lives on and we'll make as many products as we possibly can, to which we owe you all a debt of thanks. The more than 15,000 of in more than 40 countries that have purchased something from us. We're still small, we're still barely breaking even, but we're still having fun and we're glad you're kind enough to support us with your enthusiasm and occasional fiscal sustenance! 

2014 - ??? - Based on the previous few years, it's likely to involve napping, chocolate, holidays, desperate pleas to our bank manager and trying for as long as possible to not have to get a "real job".