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Thanks for your interest in contacting The Hipstery aka Adam Fletcher, Paul Hawkins and Romibello. Our projects:

- How to be German - a Spiegel best-selling book published by C.H.Beck in July 2013. (Book Adam for a reading!)
- The German Quiz - a viral online quiz to test your German-ness (1.1m visitors!). Launched August 2013.
- Denglisch for Better Knowers - a book released by Ullstein in May 2014 (why not book us for a reading?!)
- The Denglisch Quiz - a viral online quiz for your Denglisch skills. Launched May 2014.
- Deutsch Retten - help save the German language against anglicisms. A challenge to get 140k adopted German words. Launched May 2014.
- The Hipstery If you just want to email Adam about something, you can at adam [@] Or use the form below and we'll get back to you shortly. Please note: The Hipstery store is now closed. 


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