Denglisch for Better Knowers

Fun Birds, Smart Shitters, Hand Shoes, and more craziness with the amazing German language!

The authors of the Spiegel best selling How to be German are back with a brand new, illustrated love letter to the language of our adopted home. Join us as we take you on a tour through some of the German language's greatest words, expressions, proverbs and language possibilities, all wrapped up for international delivery in the form of Denglisch!

This dual-language book is the perfect gift to introduce the humble Ausländer to the absolute awesomeness of German language, and a fun way for German readers to rediscover the hilarious, hidden wonders of their mother tongue! While it has previously been so maligned and misunderstood, now everyone will finally discover: with the German language is very good cherries eating!"

Divided into different areas of German life such as - the office, at home, with others, travel, food and drink, mind and body, and animals - we collect the best expressions, wisdoms and possibilities of the German language and explain how they could be used to enrich the English language.

There are also some mini-essays, which explore why German is such a fantastic, curious and under-appreciated language, covering: Umlaut Envy, Compounding, The Great Verb delay, Du you Sie me?, Genders and Doch.

Available from 09.05.13.

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Denglisch for Better Knowers Denglisch for Better Knowers Denglisch for Better Knowers Denglisch for Better Knowers
Denglisch for Better Knowers

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